2 Bedroom Unit soon to be available at Yulupa Cohousing
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2 Bedroom Unit soon to be available at Yulupa Cohousing:

A unit here was recently foreclosed.  We have been told that it may be
sold in an online auction that could last just a few days.  If you are
planning to bid on it, please let me know, as I am part of a group
that may bid on it to prevent it from going to a speculator, unless a
serious cohouser is prepared to bid enough to get it.

For more about Yulupa Cohousing please go to our website,
http://www.yulupacoho.com.  Through that website you can also contact
our membership liaison and get on our regular waiting list.

Barbara Moulton
1354 Yulupa Ave Apt H
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
bcmhorse [at] sonic.net

"Planetary Mind would no more use the word
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than it would call one's mother a resource."
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