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From: Jasen Robillard (
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 10:36:29 -0700 (PDT)
*Real estate marketers are increasingly moving to social media to market
projects. I think it's a very cost effective means of getting word out
about cohousing projects as well.*

*The goal of any social media campaign is to amplify your word-of-mouth
initiatives and to try to engage others in conversations relevant to your
cohousing project (or cohousing in general). From what I've observed,
failures in social media are generally due to dormant or quasi-inactive
social media profiles, and irrelevant or inappropriate posts. Because
social media is about amplification, you want to make sure you're
amplifying "the good" to ensure a good first impression.In terms of general
recommendations, I'd suggest assigning a team/individual to be active
social media rep(s) on the accounts, to establish a regular and
appropriately frequent calendar for social media posting, consistent use of
engaging pictures (ideally from the group in question), and active use by
members of the group. Spending a day training the group on how to use
social media (particularly among a non-tech savvy group) can pay large

*Jasen Robillard*
*Connexus Cohousing Collaborative, Principal*

Project Management and Group Development Facilitation

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Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2014 09:49:29 -0700
> From: Ivan Greene <igr73 [at]>
> Subject: [C-L]_ Qustion regarding social media.
> Hi All,
> I'm a member of a cohousing group that is in the early stages of the
> development process. We just submitted our plans to the city/county for
> review/approval which should take about 4-6 months. We ultimately will have
> 30 member households of which we currently have 9.
> I'm seeking advice on how best to leverage social media, e.g., Facebook,
> Meetup, Twitter, etc., to attract new members. Does anyone have experience
> attracting new members using social media? In particular, has anyone used
> the advertising features on any of these social media sites with the goal
> of attracting new members?
> Any success/failure stories would be helpful.

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