Re: anyone using web-based reservation system - guest suite reservations
From: Susan Coberly (
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 13:22:42 -0700 (PDT)
Responding to query from Stephan at Eastern Village:

At La Querencia/ Fresno Cohousing we are not automated. We have one guest
room, and when occupied the adjacent full, handicapped accessible, bathroom
is available only to the guest room [there is another 1/2 bath for common
house use and another 1/2 bath off the nearby swimming pool].

I am the reservations person currently. I take requests by email [thus I
have date and time of request] and calendar them on the community Google
calendar; if I am out of town I ask for backup from another person who has
the ability to input reservations on the Google calendar, and inform the
community by email of the backup preson.

I confirm by email; I ask the reservation holder to let me know as/if plans
change, and remind them that it the resident sponsor's responsibility to
clean the suite after the guest leaves [although the resident can ask the
guest to clean, it ultimately is the host's responsibility to get it done/
follow up].

I also put the reservation on my paper calendar. In case the power is off...

I also take back up reservations. When I get a back up request [or two] I
inform the requesting folk by email of their place(s) in the queue, and the
relevant dates, copying the first-in-line family of the back up request,
and I again ask everyone to let me know as/ if plans change.

We haven't worked out who is "responsible host" for people "passing thru"
but the cost was established at $25/night donation. Haven't had any
non-resident-sponsored folks recently.

Residents pay $10/ night for their guests' guest suite use.

The HoA treasurer handles billing of residents for guest suite use.

I send an email the first of each month to the folks who've reserved the
suite - detailing the dates used - with a copy to the Treasurer.

(This system probably would not work with 3 guest rooms in a major tourist
area, and 55 cohousing homes!!!!)

Susan Coberly

Fresno CA

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