Re: Guest Rooms for Caregivers
From: Kathryn McCamant (
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2014 12:38:42 -0700 (PDT)
We use are 2 guest rooms so much (even though we are an multigeneratonal
community with homes ranging from 2 -4 bedrooms), I can't imagine not
having them if there was any possible way to get them. We also lived for
12 years in the 12-unit Doyle Street Cohousing in Emeryville with smaller
homes and no guests rooms. We managed, but really missed the guest rooms.
My parent slept in our living room when they visited. In both communities,
my neighbors have been willing to share their homes for guests when they
were away, as we have. I just had 3 siblings and their kids visiting from
out of town and (because is was early August when many people are away)
was able to find 3 homes in the community for them to stay in. It was
really nice to have the space.

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>Hello Kay -- 
>Why did you decide not to build guest rooms?
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>> On Aug 8, 2014, at 1:59 PM, "Kay Wilson Fisk" <kwilsonfisk [at]>
>> We decided not to build any guest rooms, but we have two families
>> who are happy to have community guests stay in their personal
>> guest rooms as long as it fits into their schedules.
>> We have one elderly resident who has a three bedroom apartment.
>> Until recently she had a caregiver who stayed in one of her
>> upstairs bedrooms. After a recent downturn in her health, the
>> caregiver moved out, and she has hospice caregivers that come to
>> her home. It seems to be an ideal situation. She is very happy to
>> be in her own home, and seems to be doing very well.
>> Kay
>> Meadow Wood Cohousing
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>>> As a writer with a new book on alternative ways to age in
>> community (including cohousing), I get many questions at my book
>> talks about what happens if people need more support and help as
>> they grow old.  Do they just have to move all over again?  I'd
>> love to hear from any community that is using their guest rooms
>> for caregivers and how that's working.
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