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From: Peter Orbeton (
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 10:50:18 -0700 (PDT)
I am responding based on several years handling insurance for Nubanusit
Neighborhood & Farm. We too have a farm component. We have had policies
with several insurers, and have always had two separate policies -- the
master casualty/liability one for the condo association, and a farm policy
also for casualty/liability. We have several barns, equipment, etc. We also
have a defined farm unit (land) as part of the condo docs. The farm
insurance cost is a community expense.

My recommendation is to pursue a separate farm policy - don't even bother
looking for a single insurer/policy. Your focus in the discussions with the
agents should be on the coverage you require for the farm & the enterprises
operating within it.

Finding a single insurer would be ideal, but likely difficult given the
cohousing/farm status.

Good luck.

Thanks, Peter

Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm

On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 9:29 AM, Sandy Thomson <sandykthomson [at]>

> We are a rural Cohousing community that has various Ag businesses working
> on our land and we are having a hard time finding an insurance company to
> insure us.  It seems there are farm policies and HOA policies but nothing
> that covers someone who does both.  We have a very small dairy that sells
> raw milk to community members and a few outside the community.  We have
> someone producing eggs for the community and a few outside the community.
> We have someone producing pork that goes to a USDA approved butcher for
> processing and he sells inside and outside the community as well.  Those
> are all members and then we lease some land to someone who is not a member
> who grows vegetables for us and others in the larger community.  All these
> operations are small.  We would love to continue to produce food on our
> Cohousing owned land but this insurance is starting to be a real obstacle.
> What do other communities do that have something like this.  PLEASE let me
> know we are running out of options.
> Thanks,
> Sandy
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