Common Amenities Costs
From: Michelle Burce (
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 11:00:30 -0700 (PDT)
Hello all,

We're a forming group in Seattle, WA, and we're at an important point in
our cohousing endeavor - namely, we're trying to figure out how much this
might cost, and consequently who can afford what.

I'm wondering if some of the other cohousing communities would be able to
share a little but of construction budget information with us.
Specifically, we're currently looking for:

- Size of your common house
- Amenities in your common house (is it just a room with a simple
"clubhouse" kitchen? Or do you have a full gym and commercial kitchen?)
- Approximate cost of common house to build
- Any other common amenities that you constructed (workshop, hot tub, etc)
- Approximate cost of those common amenities to build
- Year built
- Urban/ rural

If you're feeling really helpful, we'd also appreciate insight into
- what you're happy you built,
- what you wish you'd built,
- what you built but rarely use,
- and what you built after the fact as an "after-market modification"

We are currently interviewing developers, we've got an architect, and we're
working with the city, but we're interested in getting an idea on ballpark
estimates for common amenities, so that we can then add to that our fixed
costs of land and development, and *then* start to think about individual
houses. It feels like there are so many moving pieces!

You can reply on-list, or email me directly. I love reading long documents
and getting too much information thrown at me, which is why I'm the primary
researcher of these things.

Michelle Burce
Seattle, WA
WabiTown Cohousing (still a dream!)

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