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From: Kathy Tymoczko (
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 14:45:41 -0700 (PDT)
I wasn't here when Daybreak was built, and have no idea of the costs of the
various amenities in our common space.  Our architect was Grace Kim at
Schemata Workshop in Seattle, and she might be able to give you some idea
of things like square feet and costs.  Planning started maybe around 2005
and construction I think in 2007.  Move-in started in October 2009.

Our Common House is pretty large, I think.  There's some information here
<> with floor plans on
the right if you scroll down.  We have a large common room (big enough to
seat 50-60 people for meals), restaurant-quality kitchen with double-wide
fridge, freezer, double-oven 12-burner stove (4 of the burners are a
flat-top grill), living room area, family room, kids room, 2 bathrooms.
There are two guest rooms with shared bath, meditation/yoga room, arts and
crafts room in the other building.  The basement has a large bike storage
room, workshop, laundry (3 commercial washers and 2 dryers plus lines and
racks for air-drying), exercise room, some closets, and a storage area with
a storage space for each unit.  We also have a rooftop deck with a
currently decommissioned hot tub (because the county declared us to be out
of compliance with state ordinance).  We're urban, with 30 units in four 2-
and 3-story buildings, completely accessible (we have an elevator), built
around small lawn, garden space and outdoor patio.

I'm really pretty happy with the way things were built.  I live on the
third floor where there are not covered walkways, so I get rained on going
from my door to the elevator or down the stairs to the Common House.  There
are no electrical outlets outside (would be handy when using power tools
during workdays).  We're adding an automatic door opener to the Common
House for accessibility reasons.  I wish we had some outdoor storage space
for each unit for things like propane camp stoves or grills (things we
don't want in the indoor storage space) so they didn't end up in the garden
shed.  We pretty much use all the spaces we have, and some folks are very
sad that we can't currently use the hot tub (probably will cost around $30K
to make it legal).

On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 10:59 AM, Michelle Burce <michelleburce [at]>

> Hello all,
> We're a forming group in Seattle, WA, and we're at an important point in
> our cohousing endeavor - namely, we're trying to figure out how much this
> might cost, and consequently who can afford what.
> I'm wondering if some of the other cohousing communities would be able to
> share a little but of construction budget information with us.
> Specifically, we're currently looking for:
> - Size of your common house
> - Amenities in your common house (is it just a room with a simple
> "clubhouse" kitchen? Or do you have a full gym and commercial kitchen?)
> - Approximate cost of common house to build
> - Any other common amenities that you constructed (workshop, hot tub, etc)
> - Approximate cost of those common amenities to build
> - Year built
> - Urban/ rural
> If you're feeling really helpful, we'd also appreciate insight into
> - what you're happy you built,
> - what you wish you'd built,
> - what you built but rarely use,
> - and what you built after the fact as an "after-market modification"
> We are currently interviewing developers, we've got an architect, and we're
> working with the city, but we're interested in getting an idea on ballpark
> estimates for common amenities, so that we can then add to that our fixed
> costs of land and development, and *then* start to think about individual
> houses. It feels like there are so many moving pieces!
> You can reply on-list, or email me directly. I love reading long documents
> and getting too much information thrown at me, which is why I'm the primary
> researcher of these things.
> Thanks!
> Michelle Burce
> Seattle, WA
> WabiTown Cohousing (still a dream!)
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