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FWIW, here's a link to Sunward Cohousing's water bills for the last decade
or so:

We started tracking these because of a few wildly high bills in a couple of
our buildings (1 and 6) a few years ago.  We did the following things in

1. Installed a separate meter ("sprinkler") and outdoor tap on two bldgs,
because only those meters we only pay for water not sewer.
2. Replaced the toilet mechanisms in bldg 1, on the theory that a leaky
toilet was the cause of that building's excessive use.
3. We didn't do anything on building 6.  But the problem went away (or is
in remission [?]), and we don't know why.

FYI we have 90+ residents, 60+ adults.

~ Ken, from Sunward Coho

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