guest room fees
From: Susan Coberly (
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2014 16:43:26 -0800 (PST)
Our current fee is $10/night for the room and attached bath. The room has a
new-ish queen bed, small refrigerator, reading lamps, end tables, a desk
and chair, and a pretty rug.r. However it is not sumptuous by any means.
The bath is large and has the usual toilet, sink, and shower over tub.

The sponsoring host family is in charge of paying the fee, not the guest -
how they work that out between them is at their discretion. The host family
is to clean the suite thoroughly, linens, changing linens, floors, bath
fixtures, prior to 3 pm the next day. We have had some issues with people
waiting until they get home from work the next day to clean, which means we
can't "let" the room that next day starting at the 3 pm check in time... so
we may have to address this. We also have had some folks who didn't clean
well at all.

We limit reservations to 7 consecutive days, which can be extended if not a
high demand time or there is no demand at what otherwise would seem to be a
high demand time. We take / keep track of back up reservations, in case
people cancel their reservation.

Because it is up to the sponsor host to clean, we haven't had guests from
"outside" of "our" family and friends. Prior to move in we talked about a
somewhat higher fee / donation for folks traveling thru whom none of
us know. The issue remains finding a "sponsor" who's willing to greet the
person on arrival, let them in, apprise the person of the house rules,
etc., and to clean the suite after.  Would be interested to know how that
is handled in cohos who allow not-yet-known folks to reserve the guest

Susan Coberly @ La Querencia (Fresno CA)

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