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Yulupa Cohousing is currently the drop-off location for one local CSA.
The weekly boxes are actually sturdy gray plastic tubs with lids that
stack easily.  We have a spot for them that doesn't seem to be in
anyoneʼs way, and I consider it a great thing.  I'm not aware of
any complaints.  A few years back, a second, start-up, CSA used our
site for drop off as well.  It was a bit crowded having two different
CSA's, and the second one used card-board boxes that needed to be
protected from the rain & wind, didn't stack particularly well, and
were a bit of a pain.  There were complaints about that.

Barbara Moulton
1354 Yulupa Ave Apt H
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
bcmhorse [at]

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