one-day Dynamic Governance-Sociocracy workshop in Seattle January 25.
From: Jerry Koch-Gonzalez (
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 11:35:46 -0800 (PST)
​You are invited to a one-day Dynamic Governance-Sociocracy workshop in
Seattle January 25. Information and *registration *are at

This workshop will be presented by Jerry Koch-Gonzalez, a member of The
Sociocracy Consulting Group and a certified trainer in both Sociocracy and
Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Jerry is a founding member of the 20-year
old Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community which will soon complete its second
year of operating with Dynamic Governance.

If you miss this, you can go to Diana Leafe Christian's 3-day workshop in
Vancouver Jan 31-Feb 2 or come to the workshop Diana and I will do before
the national cohousing conference in Durham NC next May.

Why be interested in Dynamic Governance?

Sociocracy/Dynamic Governance embodies organizationally that everyone's
voice matters:

   1. through an organizational structure of linked circles of coworkers
   making the policy decisions that affect their work
   2. making those decisions by a formal process of consent (not majority
   rule) that is efficient and transparent, including decisions about
   selecting people to fill leadership roles
   3. generating honest feedback that allows the organization and
   individuals to learn and evolve

Growing into an interlocking network of organizations cooperating to
maximum benefit of all those involved and the communities they serve and
the planet we live in.

*The operating system for resilient organizations working for a sustainable

Read more at the website or on wikipedia
​​Workshop Location & Time: 2100 Building in Seattle from 9am to 4;30pm on
Sunday January 25
Information and *registration *are at
Questions: contact Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Jerry Koch-Gonzalez
​  Email: jerry.koch-gonzalez [at]​

Member, The Sociocracy Consulting Group <>
Certified Trainer, New England NVC <>
President, Class Action <>
Member, Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community <>

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