Re: any units in cohousing accept sec 8 vouchers?
From: Jenny Guy (
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2014 14:45:21 -0800 (PST)
Hi Judy, most cohousing communities consist of individually owned
condominiums. Most are owner-occupied, but some people rent their units
out, or have an inlaw unit attached that they rent out.

Where are you located?

It's pretty simple to accept Section 8 vouchers, if you are renting a unit
out. There's some bureaucracy involved, getting the unit inspected and
approved, and a maximum you can charge, depending on the # of bedrooms. The
amounts vary by what part of the country you're in. Then the bulk of the
rent is paid by HUD, which is great because it arrives on the 1st very
reliably, and the tenant pays the balance. So, it would be up to the owner
of the unit in question, whether they wanted to go through the process. I
don't think it would matter to the inspector whether it was in cohousing;
they're concerned about habitability issues. Sometimes they overlook
glaring problems and fuss about minutiae, but it's all about whether the
unit is fit to live in.

It's my understanding that Section 8 will also now help purchase a home; I
don't know what the criteria are, but I think cohousing units would
qualify, since most of them are condominiums. But then, I would have
thought they would qualify for a reverse mortgage without any trouble....
Here's some info on the program in my area:

Kingfisher Cohousing, Oakland CA


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