Re: any units in cohousing accept sec 8 vouchers?
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Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2014 11:29:19
From: Harriet Lewis <hlewis [at]>
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Subject: Section 8 housing

Santa Rosa Creek Commons, in Santa Rosa , California, is a limited equity
cooperative and we just received approval for our first Section 8 apartment.
The owner has lived in the apartment for many years and applied for the
voucher more than 5 years ago.  She was finally informed that her name had
been approved and she and our CFO spent many hours gaining approval for her
apartment to be accepted.  The voucher folks also made a visit to assure
themselves that we have a well maintained apartment complex.  The  monthly
carrying charge of this owner had been very low compared to market rates.
When we were approved as a Section 8 landlord, the owners monthly charges
remains the same but the coop receives  income close to market rate.  It is
a big win for everyone and well worth the time it took to process it all.
The next window for applying for Section 8 in California is , I believe,
June of 2016.    Be aware it is a long process from sign up to having one's
name drawn..

Harriet Lewis

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