Re: House Concerts
From: Elizabeth Magill (
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 10:44:03 -0800 (PST)

the pitfalls are huge for people concerned with legality, but small for those 
that take that question lightly. In the boston area we have the "Boston Area 
Coffee House Association" which is locations (mostly churches) that offer 
concerts on a regular basis. At the same time many folk in the area have "house 
concerts" in their homes.

We choose at Mosaic to call our events house concerts. We ask for a donation 
(rather than charge a fee) and don't serve alcohol or charge for food. We 
believe that keeps us under the radar for any obligations.

Some performers ask for a minimum fee, Ken and I have personally made up the 
difference between the donations and the fee when that was the case (once I 
think). Because we offer the guest room for free (that is, ken and I use our 
guest room allowance) to the artist, that is often sufficient to make one 
accept only donations--especially if they had a bigger gig in the area the day 

I assume this is the stuff to be discussed in forming a network, plus, I hope 
connections to artists that want to come perform at our location.

Elizabeth M. Magill
in berlin, MA

>> Hi, John,
>> We have thought of having a local group perform in our CH, but since the
>> group would need to charge $$ for their performance, our treasurer was
>> worried about a number of things, such as insurance, developing a community
>> policy about such events, etc.  Has your community, or any one else who's
>> reading this, dealt with these questions?
>> I'd like to see it happen, but I don't know what the pitfalls might be.
>> Barbara Moulton, Yulupa Cohousing
>> 1354 Yulupa Ave Apt H
>> Santa Rosa, CA 95405
>> bcmhorse [at]

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