Dealing with a realtor?
From: Leah (
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 08:30:25 -0800 (PST)
I unfortunately have to sell my unit in my awesome community in Ashland Oregon 
due to work and family moving me elsewhere. I listed it on Zillow, and didn't 
realize I had left a box checked that defaults to "willing to work with a 
buyers agent" I left it that way even after It was pointed out because I guess 
I am willing as long as it doesn't affect my bottom line. I was caught by 
surprise, though while I was actually out skiing, when I got a call from an 
agent calling about her "client" who SHE wants to show my house. She wanted to 
know what I was willing to pay her. I said I had no idea, called a friend who 
is a realtor, and was told the 2.5% she asked for was reasonable. She bugged me 
about this in further emails and I agreed to that. Now she has been sending 
emails with more questions and she is "bringing me" this person from an unknown 
town an hour away to see my house and my community. It is kind of giving me the 
creeps. I explained to the realtor about joining a community and needing to get 
to know the person, and she "assured me this person is a good community 
member", etc. I could be overreacting but I am getting the sense that this 
realtor is going to try to "shelter" this person from unsupervised interaction 
with us until the deal is struck, which can't really happen cause I won't sell 
my house to someone that hasn't gotten to know us. It is feeling a bit like 
dating in ancient traditional cultures or something. It may not become an 
issue, they are one of 3 people coming next week to see my house ( the others 
are such more comfortable feeling interactions!) but does anyone have 
experience or ideas about how to assure a realtor that spending time with the 
perspective member without her hovering over us is not the same as trying to 
undermine her financial investment? I get it, I am actually working with a 
realtor where I am moving and I know why they do things the way they do, but it 
isn't helpful in this context! Also, what do I do when they are actually there? 
I assume that I am supposed to just clear out but the realtor won't have any 
ability to show someone around the common grounds, introduce her to people, 

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> Stone Curves Cohousing
> E Unit for Sale
> 96 E Limberlost Drive Unit #100
> Listed at $150,000
> This is an exellent opportunity to join the Stone Curves Cohousing community. 
>  Because the community is designed as five "villages," residents have the 
> opportunity to get to know and participate with a smaller group as well as 
> with the larger community.
> Numerous community amenities including gorgeous pool and spa, workshop, 
> organic
> gardens, fruit trees and guest rooms. Please visit for more 
> info!
> For a showing, contact agent Scott Davidson at 520-834-2633       ScottD [at] 
> For more information on the Stone Curves community, contact Pen Sand,
> jimpen1 [at] or 773-420-7972
> MLS listing:  
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