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Hi All,

I hope the groups who have submitted questions on Common House Design
and Exterior Maintenance issues are aware of the fantastic workshops
available from Chuck Durrett and Katie McCamant, who have helped many
groups design their facilities and have lived in several cohousing
communities themselves.  Chuck recently completed a new book Happily
Ever Aftering in Cohousing: A Workshop Guide   and has successfully
guided many groups through the complexities of their maintenance

Check out their website to find out what they are doing and order the

>From their website at the Cohousing Company:

McCamant & Durrett Architects offers workshops for cohousing groups to
help determine the feasibility of a site, establish design priorities,
build group consensus, determine what the community needs in a common
house, and overall plan for project success.

Best wishes for great success in your new communities,
Sue Smith

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