2nd radio show - MN [was: Cohousing on Wisc... PR
From: Fred-List manager (fholsoncohousing.org)
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 07:04:04 -0800 (PST)
>Another radio interview on cohousing was done Jan. 3, 2015 on AM 950, KTNF,
>here's the link, and I attached it as an MP3 audio file.... [NOT]

This was an interview with Rick about Monterey Cohousing here in the Twin
Cities of which he was a founding in 1992 as well about cohousing in general.
AM station KTNF is the "Progressive Voice of Minnesota"  (formerly
part of now defunct Air America). It is a commercial station but you
can click over the ads.

The show featured a call-in contest: 'What does the "co" in "cohousing" stand
for?"  They got many good but 'wrong' answers.  I am unaware of an official
answer. Rick had to explain that it is "collaborative".

BTW the show Jerry was on yesterday is archived and can be accessed
via the URL he provided yesterday:

In 'Jerry's show' , did anyone catch the names of the two forming
communities on one site in Madison (I think) that were mentioned? They
are not in the directory and should be encouraged to get added.  They
have Facebook pages I think.

I encourage people to check that all cohousing communities they are
familiar with are in the directory.

>Rick Gravrok
>of Monterey Cohousing, Minneapolis, Minnesota
> http://www.montereycohousing.org/

>PS - the file is 9 MB, did it come through?
>Or is there a better way to share it?

Cohousing-L does not distribute attachments so no it was not. However
you already did share it with the URL above.  Sharing URL's is the
best way to share files.

BTW the the attachment was more like 1MB when encoded in email, if it
were distributed to to the 850+ list subscribers that would total over
10 Gigbytes -- somewhat over two full DVD's

>Rick Gravrok
>St. Louis Park, MN
>952-926-6655 (landline preferred)
>iPhone 952-220-8153

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