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Happy Friday to you all,

I wanted to share the call for articles for the Design for Aging
newsletter for those who might be interested in submitting an article
about their senior friendly cohousing community providing
intergenerational solutions. The readership for the newsletter is
about 3,520 people which includes both architects and non-architects.

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Design for Aging

DFA Blueprints Call for Submissions: Intergenerational Solutions

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Feb 11, 2015 11:00 AM

Isabella Rosse<>

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The Communications Committee for the DFA Blueprints Newsletter is
gearing up for the year and we invite you all to submit an article for
the 2015 first quarter issue. With an increasing life span of the
population and young adults returning home, inter-generational living
is just one part of life in America. The theme of our first quarter
issue is "Inter-generational Solutions." Articles could be about
accessory dwelling units, home sharing, and other inter-generational
housing developments. Topics can also include living communities where
people of all ages have a place-where the young can learn from the
experience and wisdom of elders, and elders can enjoy the vitality of
the young. In the spirit of community, people of diverse ages can
support one another both socially and pragmatically. For example,
house bound elders can trade with single parents-exchanging child care
for grocery shopping or home cooked meals can be traded for
instructions on how to use E-mail. Please send the title of your
proposed article and a short paragraph describing its contents to
DFA [at]<mailto:> by March 4, 2015. We prefer original submissions
and request that you not submit a previously published work. Articles
should be 200-800 words in length and are subject to the editor's
approval. Illustrations such as photographs, sketches, and design
drawings, are highly encouraged!" If you have any questions, please
let us know. We look forward to your submissions! Thanks!

Isabella Rosse
Specialist, KC Communications
The American Institute of Architects
Washington DC

Shelly-Anne Tulia Scott, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, NOMA
Registered Architect & Interior Designer
Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow

Shelly-Anne is an Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow.

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