Re: Orienting New Members to the Values
From: Katie Henry (
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2015 00:33:55 -0800 (PST)
> Do we need to DO something to make sure people who are committing to
> Louisville Artists Cohousing really support the values and vision? 

I looked up your core values:

The values are vague enough that pretty much anyone would be willing to commit 
to them. But how are these values going to be interpreted and enforced in the 
real world? 

I can see emphasizing the values if it leads to in-depth discussion of what 
they mean to each person. 

A few quick examples. 

#1 -- How much art does it take to meet this requirement? Do you only allow 
full-time artists, or artists who support themselves with their art? Or are 
dabblers accepted? Does knitting count as art? What happens if an artist loses 
interest, or has to get a regular day job and has no time? Will you sell to 
prospects who aren't artists? Even if it's one of the final units and you 
really need the money?

#3 -- What specifically is village commons? Gathering areas for community 
members? Members only? Can members invite friends to events? Can members have 
private events, like maybe a meeting of a political group or a club, in the 
common house dining room? If so, do they have to allow community members to 

#4 -- Will community outreach involve work or raising money from community 
members? How much? Is it mandatory? Does everyone have to do it? Does it 
involve allowing outside artists to use coho shared art spaces and equipment? 
Is the owner of the kiln going to be okay with that?

#5 -- Does affordability mean that members with more money will subsidize those 
with less? How will that work? Is it mandatory? Does it mean that all members 
will accept small units with modest finishes, even though better-off members 
might like a bigger, nicer unit? Is it fair for someone who could make a good 
living in a day job to be subsidized because they've chosen to be a starving 

#7 -- Economically sustainable -- What does that mean?

#8 -- Environmental impact -- What specifically does that mean? Yes, everyone 
will recycle. But beyond that. No scented laundry soap? No aerosol? No meat? No 
cars? One car allowed per household?

Katie Henry

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