Welcome Sign at Pedestrian Entrance to Central Path
From: Susan Hyne (susanhynegmail.com)
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2015 14:30:19 -0800 (PST)
Welcome Sign at Pedestrian Entrance to Central Path

CoHo Ecovillage is adding a "welcome sign" at our main pedestrian entrance
from our parking lot.  At move-in (fall 2007), we installed a basic sign
with a map per fire department regulations.  However, that sign is at the
street and most folks enter the community through a walkway off the parking
lot (partly because there is no parking on our street) and never see the
fire department sign.

We'd love to get input from other communities on sign features-- A simple
Welcome to CoHo Ecovillage?  A map of building locations?  A work of art?
Natural wood lettering?   Colorful weather-hardy materials?

Could you send me a photo of your sign(s) plus any recommendations?

See http://www.cohoecovillage.org/2015/03/welcome-sign/ for a blog posting
with more background info.  I will add sign photos to this blog posting to
share them with others.

P.S.  I found some archived posts about signs, but wasn't able to open the
collection of photos....  If they are still accessible, I'd appreciate
being able to view them.


Susan Hyne
7 years in development...7 years living on-site...a lifetime to share

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