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When we renovated and,in some cases, created rooms we built walls 6 inches
thick but with 2x4 studs and threaded bat insulation between. Basically a
waste of space and money. By chance we had a sound engineer as a guest and
his suggestion was to add sheet rock until you achieved an acceptable
result! Hardly hi tech but an improvement. I am reminded of a classic Indian
(south Indian) fable about a maharaja who stubbed his toe while walking in
his extensive gardens and,in a furor called his court and demanded that his
extensive gardens be immediately carpeted. Following cries of despair one
lowly garden boy agreed to do it. The ruler accepted the offer but warned of
the consequences of failure. The next dayhe was preented with his first pair
of slippers! So endeth the lesson.  Each co housenik could prented with a
pair of ear plugs! More better might be a three side simple insulated shed
built around the head of the bed not directly attached but separated with a
sheet of rigid foam.Ingram Shaker Mill Inn

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I agree with Sharon.  Retrofitting for better acoustics is somewhere between
very expensive and impossible.


> On Mar 7, 2015, at 11:27 AM, Sharon Villines <sharon [at]>
> Acoustics are very hard and expensive to fix once you move in. Spend every
dime you have on them.
> Sharon

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