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Diane Margolis's presentation at the conference sounds amazing.  The big
picture stuff can really make a difference -- helping cohousers and
potential cohousers communicate the benefits to others whose help we need
in order to get land and financing.

For my imminent challenge is to engender support for the cohousing model or
specifically our cohousing community from a seller who we have never met.
We are seeking a meeting through real estate agents.

I have to present some good metrics and we'll present the offer of course
-- the main thing.  But we need the seller to be a collaborator with us to
get this done.

For my part I present the mission/vision and getting the seller on board
with that because we are going to ask for a carry back and a few other

I would like to present a slide on Wellbeing and Happiness relative to
living in cohousing or a close community.  I found some stuff on that.
That slide or bullet shows our motivation for trying to create this
lifestyle for ourselves and I can follow that theme forward for another
slide to connect it with the seller's life.  I'm finding some good articles
and studies on the internet that I can draw a quote or two from.  Community
is one of the things that bring joy to one's life.

I have to connect that with other things that a seller may find beneficial
-- like how community creates financial stability.  I haven't googled that

I would like the seller also has to experience some personal connection
with how the project would benefit him/her.  Maybe include a bullet point
about altruism, gratitude and compassion contributing to happiness too.
Helping cohousing communities is good for your own happiness.

I found an article about a happiness in aging in place being increased by
having a close set of friends, independence, exercising, and sharing a
glass of wine....I'm not kidding.  I believe it.  I think that applies to
everyone not just for aging in place.

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