Re: Cohousing Benefits Presentation -- any ideas?
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Hello, this link will (I hope) take you to a recording of a radio program
where I got to talk about cohousing, and about the one I live in here at
Monterey Cohousing Community in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota:

The show is called “No Place Like Home” and is hosted by a couple realtors
that some of our owners use. The show was fun, the hosts (Amy & Kay) said
they got more calls for that show than previous shows. It was on AM 950
Radio, a progressive radio station that I thoroughly enjoy and count on for
non-corporate influenced news. I recommend getting the app, and listen to
Thom Hartman and other informative talk show hosts. But I digress...

If you know folks with children that may want to live in Minnesota very
close to the Minneapolis chain of lakes, please check us out. Our website
is being replaced, the new one is at    Or
call me.

here’s a bonus for anyone who has read this far:   What do you call a lazy,
baby kangaroo?

a pouch potato  [?]

Rick Gravrok
952-926-6655 (landline preferred)
952-220-8153 (iPhone)

Rick Gravrok
St. Louis Park, MN
952-926-6655 (landline preferred)
iPhone 952-220-8153

On Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 8:54 AM, Fred H Olson <fholson [at]> 

> I agree that it would be very desireable to have research documenting
> the Benefits of Cohousing.  I will be attending half of the Cohousing
> Research Network (CRN) 's day on Networking and Presentation of Works
> in Progress (see
> )
> at the cohousing conference the end of May in Durham
> ( see ).
> (The other half day I will attend the Urban Innovation: Durham Coho
> Case Study.  There will so much of interest at the conference one
> needs to go with a partner (or two) to cover more of it...)
> Those of us who think of the world in terms of rationality like and
> need research but...
> There is much evidence that what really influences people is narative,
> stories, conceptual metaphors etc. There may be research results that
> support this contention but I could not find much suitable to
> reference for this post. See George Lakoff's book Don't Think of an
> Elephant!
> So Emilie, whether you come up with all the research you'd like or
> not, be sure to include a good narative about the Benefits of
> Cohousing and I see no reason to voluntarily emphasize the lack of
> research.
> BTW in terms of research design, do we have enough cohousing to
> draw valid conclusions like Ann was wishing for?
> Fred, who thinks dangling pariticiples are useful and ok sometimes :)
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