Re: Attending national conference, seeking hotel roommate
From: Pare Gerou (
Date: Thu, 7 May 2015 04:17:23 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Margaret,
I thought I would check in again with you to make sure you are still
planning on attending the conference in late May.  I need to finalize my
volunteer schedule and wanted to confirm the hotel room at the same time-
as I had forgotten to add you name.

Meanwhile, do let me know when you are volunteering.  I may not be able to
swing it, but it would be nice to say hi to each other.  I did have a
disappointing experience with volunteering and wanted to know if you had
the same.  I volunteered to save the cost of registration.  When Peter
emailed us and told us he would be sending a schedule and needed to know
time slots from us, I immediately emailed back with some of the events I
wanted to attend and 2 hour time slots each day of 4 days that would work.
I did not hear from him till 2 days ago, when he said he had "arranged to
have me get the 1/2 off discount" because I had wanted to attend a lot of
conference events.  I only told him one event a day and was available the
other half day.  I would have been willing to do more than 2 hours, but do
nto seem to have the opportunity as he waited until everyone else was
scheduled before scheduling me.  I replied to his email an hour after it
was sent.

Was my 2 hour offerings each day far less then what others are doing?  I
had been very flexible and would have added volunteer hours, but I was not
given the opportunity and basically told I would be getting only 1/2 off
and must work slots on the 2 busiest days, and the slots left conflict with
the events I wanted to attend each day.  I thought the whole thing unsmooth
and was disappointed I both have to attend events that were not my first
choices as well as that I have to pay half when they advertised
registration would be waived.  I was confused because I thought I sent the
exact email he had wanted and told him I was available other hours the half
day as well.  What were your experiences?  How many hours are you working?
Were you suddenly told you would only get 1/2 off.  It seems petty to ask
Peter, whom I work with as a developer, so I thought I would ask you.
Pare Gerou

Pare Gerou
1725 Belvedere Place
Charlottesville, VA 22901

On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 8:23 PM, Margaret Matsumoto <matsu19 [at]>

> Hello!
> I'm attending the Co-housing National Conference in Durham NC this May
> 29-31.
> I would like to stay "on-site" at the Durham Marriott City Center Hotel,
> connected to the Convention Center.
> Is there a woman attending the conference that is interested in sharing
> the room (separate beds) and the cost which, with the Co-housing group
> rate, will run about $142./night incl. taxes.
> I will be reserving a room for Thurs. , Fri. and Sat. nights, so a 3-night
> "roomie" would be best, but I'm open to someone compatible that only needs
> a room for 2 of the nights.
> Please contact me if you are interested.
> Thanks and hope to see many of you at the conference!
> -Margaret Matsumoto
> matsu19 [at]
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