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Having attended 2 of the Study Group I workshops at Nevada City
Cohousing, I think any group would be very well advised to get expert
help with experienced cohousing developers like Chuck Durrett and
Katie McCamant.   They have worked on many cohousing projects, and
also live in cohousing themselves, so they can save groups a lot of
money, heartache, and time.

The finished product should be low maintenance, low noise, energy
efficient, and community enhancing.  A poor design will last the life
of the project and can be terribly difficult and expensive to rectify,
as John from Pacific Gardens Cohousing mentioned.

You will probably want to read everything you can get your hands on
about cohousing development and living in cohousing, and of course
your group should make plans to attend the cohousing conference coming
up at the end of May. Check out the Cohousing Company  for lots of information and spend some
time in cohousing communities.  After staying 10 days at Nevada City
Cohousing I was blown away with the beautiful design and livability of
that community.  I also loved Wolf Creek Lodge, a senior cohousing
neighborhood that is in nearby Grass Valley.

While I don't live in cohousing yet, my hope and dream is to have
cohousing here in Kona Hawaii.  Best wishes for the establishment of
your community and I would love to come and visit when you are

Warm aloha,
Sue Smith

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