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check out the website of the cohousing complex in Corvallis, Oregon. 
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I am a member of Placitas Sage Co housing. We have just selected property which 
is owned currently by other members. We will be purchasing this property from 
them. We are looking to have a more inclusive policy for associate members.  
The property is next to two homes who we are purchasing land from. These homes 
will remain private homes but the residents of these homes have a strong desire 
to be active members of our community. Does anyone else have associate members 
like this? If so how do you define this relationship? In our case one of these 
homes has a workshop that would become open to members of the community for use 
and this couple has been a part of our group from the beginning and has 
invested time, money and resources into our development. We want our 
relationship to reflect this and therefore be more inclusive and open. Can 
anyone who has samples of this in their policies please share your associate 
member policy with us please? You can send them to me at angelwoman49@me.

Thanks, Jan Kenney

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