Re: Holiday decorations and Political Expression
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Date: Thu, 21 May 2015 08:36:34 -0700 (PDT)
Our vision statement says "Welcoming, honoring and sharing a diversity
of experience, wisdom, heritage, beliefs and spiritual paths", so we don't
really have much in the way of restrictions in common spaces.

In December, we have a big "Christmas tree cutting down and decorating,
cookie baking and decorating and eating, craft making, and carol singing"
event in the Common House, where the tree and decorations remains till
after Christmas.  We also have menorahs in the Common House and a Hanukkah
dinner with latkes.  In the spring, we have Easter and Passover dinners and
an Easter egg hunt on the lawn (if the weather cooperates).  And we almost
always have solstice and equinox celebrations of some sort.  And this past
fall for the first time, we had a sukkot celebration, with a sukkah on our
lawn, and dinners in the sukkah.  People meditate and do yoga in our
yoga/meditation room, and on the rooftop deck.  If someone wants to
organize, we'll celebrate.

We have discussed the placing of signs (for political candidates or other
political issues), and have agreed that people can put them in their
windows or on their front deck area, but not in community space.  People
have hosted political gathering during election seasons in the Common House.

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> We are beginning discussions about holiday decorations and political
> expression in our common spaces. I would be interested in any community
> policies related to this and/or reports on your discussions.
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