Re: Difficult members - Cohousing-L Digest, Vol 136, Issue 16
From: Muriel Kranowski (
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2015 17:55:28 -0700 (PDT)
Studying clinical psych research hoping to glean helpful strategies is way
above my pay grade. Can you suggest anything concrete?

On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 3:58 PM, Matt Kramer <mkramer [at]> wrote:

> As a professional mediator, if I am working with clients and narcissism is
> in the picture, I advise the other party(parties) to learn as much as they
> can about the disorder so that they can stop wasting time using the kinds
> of tools that are effective with healthier personalities and study clinical
> research to develop more strategic methods of dealing with the unpleasant
> party. In some cases, maybe love and attention (delivered as a sacrifice,
> not with the expectation of two way reciprocity) will work; each case is
> unique; no formula fits all personalities.
> I hope this is helpful.
> Matt Kramer
> Alumnus of FrogSong Cohousing

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