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From: Jan Kenney (
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2015 19:05:45 -0700 (PDT)
In my distant past I worked for a community foundation and sought and wrote 
grants to national foundations like Ford Foundation, Kellogg Foundation, etc. 
there is a great deal of research you can do on the Internet to find funders 
interested in community development and housing issues. I would also suggest 
researching local community foundations where private funds are many times 
directed towards these issues. Often foundations will have initiatives that 
actually address issues cohousing community's may have.

You would need to put together a concept paper or a research proposal to 
identify how Cohousing is addressing systemic problems in communities and how 
directing funding could enhance or expand the impact cohousing community's have 
within the community. Foundations look for results, change in the status quo, 
and how their dollars make a difference.  One of the big assets you have is the 
ability to replicate research findings on a broader scale nationally.

You might want to think about pulling together from the cohousing community's 
people who have worked with foundations or have a grant writing experience to 
be a think tank for how funds could be utilized to create change within their 
communities, cities, states and the world. You need to have some very unique 
and specific ideas that have outcomes from the investment of funding which will 
create change. 

Jan Kenney
Placitas Sage Co housing
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