Re: 500 Communities, more info too? (response for Cohousing-L)
From: Jenny Godwin (jenny.godwinCOHOUSING-SOLUTIONS.COM)
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2015 09:53:55 -0700 (PDT)
Fred Olson wrote:

I concur, Katie, but there was something else that I expected to hear more
about -- your "500 Communities" endeavor. Maybe I was not  in the right session
to hear more (and as Ann pointed out one could not get to all the great 
Also I realize that you were concentrating on potential participants but those
of us who wish  we had participants in our area would like to know enough to
direct pros with cohousing potential your way.

Hi Fred,

CoHousing Solutions did officially launch the 500 Communities Program to the 
wider cohousing world at a 10:30 AM Gathering on Sunday during the Conference. 
(Absolutely right about the abundance of great offerings...I felt torn more 
than once!) We had over 30 attendees there and are so pleased at the influx of 
resumes filtering in since then. We're accepting Program applications, 
initiated by submitting a resume to me (jenny.godwin [at] through the end of June.

Those wishing to learn more, either to apply themselves or as you say - direct 
pros with cohousing potential to the Program - should visit our website: and click the "500 Communities" tab. There's a rack 
card with more info that can be downloaded here too:

And a HUGE thank you to the Association, Alice, all the Volunteers/Sponsors and 
the hundreds of cohousers and community-seekers who attended last weekend. I 
know I walked away with a deeper appreciation for the movement and a myriad of 
both time-tested and brand new ideas to spark successful communities. It was an 
honor to witness that in action.

~ Jenny

CoHousing Solutions
500 Communities Program
P: 530-478-1970<>
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