Re: CSA farms on cohousing land?
From: Alice Alexander (
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2015 07:24:19 -0700 (PDT)
Thank you Jerry for seeking out our cohousing communities that include CSAs
and other farm-type businesses. This is of growing interest to us all, as
an economic and environmental sustainability value.

This aligns with two offerings at the National Cohousing Conference, hosted
by Mary Vallier-Kaplan (Nubanusit); Mike Ortosky (Earthwise); and Bill
Hartzell (Hundredfold Farm) - the two offerings being a network gathering
on Friday of "rural and ag communities" and a session on Sat "Ag
communities: working farms & enterprises."

Per Mary, the networking/gathering included maybe 30 folks who want to stay
in touch. These folks included those from established ag communities and
others "who had land like a family farm or a current organic farm and were
testing out if they could diversify into cohousing."

I've offered Coho/US resources to "tag" these folks who want to stay in
touch, within our current database. If there are others of you would would
like to be part of this growing conversation of working farms, food systems
and other ag enterprises integrating with cohousing, I could also include
you in this tag.

Additionally, I am collecting profiles of rural and ag communities, and we
could indeed include on the website. The last issue of eNews
end of May included a profile of farming at Katywil (in western Mass). I
encourage other communities to send me stories, experiences, profiles -
whatever - and super short is just fine!

Alice Alexander, Coho/US Executive Director

On Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 9:42 AM, Jerry McIntire <jerry.mcintire [at]>

> I know you're out there. Which cohousing communities have CSA or other
> farm-type businesses on their land? Nubanusit, Ecovillage at Ithaca,
> Hundredfold Farm, ...
> If there is a spot on the website where this information is
> collected, I'd appreciate knowing.
> I am doing a presentation on Sustainable Rural Cohousing at the MREA Energy
> Fair on June 21. This is the largest renewable energy show in the country,
> held each year in Amherst, Wisconsin.
> Thanks, Jerry
> Jerry McIntire
> Stone's Throw Ecovillage, in the heart of Wisconsin's beautiful Driftless
> region
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