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I am responding to the series of message about the single metering of
utilities or the group metering.  I live in an apartment building.  My usual
usage of electricity per month is about $5.00.  The cost to have the meter
is $10.00.  To me the ideal way to handle this in cohousing would be one big
group meter for the entire bill with the $10.00 charge for the meter.  Each
individual unit would have their own meter to measure their usage.  The
individual unit would have to pay for their own meter.  I checked on the
cost of a meter at one time.  At that time it was about $170.  Paying the
public utility to rent their meter for 30 years would be $10.00 X 12 months
for 30 years =s $3600.  Me myself I would rather pay the $170 for the meter
once than have to pay the $3,600 to rent the meter for 30 years.  One would
have to do a little calculating to get the bills out and collect the money. 
Seems like a small price to pay to save $3,600 - $170 for a net savings of
$3,430.  Hope this helps some.
Lee Stork

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