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From: G/P Looney-Burman (
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2015 14:26:05 -0700 (PDT)
At La Querencia (Fresno, CA cohousing) we do allow homeowners to fence the
"Exclusive Use Area" (i.e. backyard) subject to some limitations:  The
homeowner bears all cost of installation and maintenance, the plans for a
fence are to be approved by the Architectural Committee, the height is
limited to 5', the fence cannot encroach on common areas, and access must be
provided for maintenance and to allow neighbors to get into backyards
bordered by neighbor's fences on both sides.

Fence materials include cedar board fences, and cyclone "chain-link"
materials.  A few residents have no fence at all, and in one case neighbors
in a 2-unit duplex elected to have a single fence enclose both back yards,
since the yards are fairly small.

Personally, I think the "Good fences make good neighbors" as many neighbors
have dogs and small children.  In reality, most children play together in
the front (unfenced) areas, but it is nice to have some private, secure
space in the back.

George Burman
La Querencia

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