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At La Querencia (Fresno CA, cohousing) we do "rent" some Common areas for
outside groups, and for residents who want to have a "private" event.  The
policy itself is attached.  But, simply stated, the daily fee ($25 or $50)
is based on the size of the group.  Use of the pool is extra.  Residents
hosting a "private" party (e.g. birthday, anniversary) can avoid the fee if
they open the event to all residents.  One thing we learned recently is that
if there is an outside group holding an event, and they have liability
insurance, we require that the make our HOA an "additional insured" party on
their policy.  This usually doesn't cost them anything and can be done with
a phone call to their insurance agent.  It does give our HOA added
protection from liability in the event of an accident or injury.

George Burman
La Querencia

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