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From: Grace Kim (
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2015 00:27:11 -0700 (PDT)
Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing is well under construction - we are framing in the 
4th floor.
Visit our Facebook page to see photos.

But the reason for writing is to ask for your support.
I have learned over the past decade that cohousers are a generous bunch, 
especially when it comes to supporting a community oriented initiative. And 
that's what we are trying to do through our rooftop farm.

Our plan is to create an urban farm on the roof of our cohousing project that 
will produce food year round. The purpose of the farm is three-fold: 1) to 
teach our children where our food comes from; 2) demonstrate that urban 
agriculture doesn't have to be ground-related (typically thought of as planter 
strips and backyards); and 3) be a catalyst for a neighborhood food network.

We also need to build the farm to meet our land use requirements (but due to 
dramatic construction escalation in Seattle this past year we had to VE it out 
of our budget).  So we are now asking our friends and cohousing supporters to 
help us realize our goal! We need to raise $30K, but are crowdsourcing it - 
starting with a goal of $10K and subsequent stretch goals of $5K.
We know that is ambitious... but as much as every child needs a village, every 
farm needs a village to help sow the seeds, water, weed and harvest. Will you 
help by a donation of $5 or $500? Every bit helps.

And if you are able to donate $1000 for the dinner, I'd be happy to host you in 
our new building!

If you aren't able to give, might you consider forwarding this note on to a 

Thanks for your consideration and support.

grace h. kim | schemata workshop inc.
aia, principal architect

p 206.285.1589<>

new location
112 5th ave n, floor 2-south
seattle, wa 98109

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