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Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2015 22:48:17 -0700 (PDT)
For another view - I sent this out to our finance people, and this is the 
response I received:

        "QuickBooks is industry standard, user friendly and interfaces with 
virtually everyone.  It is inexpensive to own and to run.  I personally wonder 
about any accountant who is not happy to use it.  With a basic accounting 
knowledge it is quite easy to understand and use (although I realize MANY who 
use it do not fully understand how it works).  Our accountant is an expert at 
it, so much so that he has an assistant who "modems in" to the businesses they 
service monthly to quickly and efficiently see that everything is in order and 
no one is screwing things up.
        "We have reviewed countless other systems and worked with over a dozen 
industry specific accounting programs (dentistry, sheet metal, car audio, and 
medical to name a few), that DO NOT follow standard accounting formats and 
truly are mysterious in their formatting (along with complicated and 
expensive).  There is nothing any system I have seen does that QuickBooks does 
not have the ability to do, and there is plenty QuickBooks can do that the 
others are not set for.
        "I suggest staying with QuickBooks OR going to a manual set of books as 
our accounting picture is just not that complicated at Meadow Wood."

Kay Wilson
Meadow Wood Cohousing
mwcondo [at]

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> My finance committee would like to talk with other community finance 
> folks
> re: what bookkeeping software you're using. We're using QuickBooks but 
> our accountant doesn't like it (but hasn't specified a competing 
> product). IF you are using something other than QuickBooks and would 
> be willing to chat with FrogSong's finance officer, email me backchannel and 
> I'll hook you up.

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