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Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2015 07:22:07 -0700 (PDT)
Hello Mira,

We look at three related aspects: Vision, Mission, and Activities (VMA). The vision is where we want to go, the mission is the strategy to get there, and the activities are the specific tasks to get done.

David Heimann
Jamaica Plain Cohousing

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Wow, great question and discussion.

This is inspiring and informational also for a forming group as well as, I
hope, established ones.

Knee deep In the formation stage as I am in Charlotte, NC, it also make
sense to encourage and plan for long term thinking and results in this
way.  Framing the 'visioning' in a way to get to specific goals and action
items make a lot of sense at any stage.  That's where we 'walk the talk'
and if the 'vision' and 'values' aren't in our actions, what good are they
anyhow.  That's the only way people can really see our values, through out
actions, right??!!

I find people frustrated about just talk without actions also.  We need to
see something being done to really know its going to change and connect.
Real connecting conversations are also a form of action and do make a
difference as well, in my experience.  :)

Thanks Alice for the detailed questions and process you shared also.  Very

- Mira

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