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Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2015 10:26:04 -0700 (PDT)
Just to remind folks that arriving at a successful cohousing community
entails 2 very different types of community building: physical development
and social development.  While they are interrelated, each requires
different skills, a different kind of effort, and different timelines.

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> > I would be much more comfortable if their consultant had come up with a
> legal plan that protects all parties that we could read and digest before
> asking for money. Unfortunately it feels like a high pressure sales pitch
> that if you don't act now then you'll lose out on this or that savings or
> options. Which again if these were not my friends I would not give it a
> second thought.
> Exactly. I think that  the reasons cohousing had a problem working with
> professionals from traditional fields in the beginning is tripping over the
> expectations of their fields — traditional real estate speculation. If you
> can’t use a cohousing professional for one reason or another, at least
> contact one and offer then an hourly fee for answering questions on a Skype
> call (I prefer Zoom). Several people can be on the call—always a good idea.
> I can’t imagine that Chris-Scott Hansen, Ann Zabaldo, or Katie McCamant
> wouldn’t agree to this. All participate in this list.
> On expectations of other fields — years ago I published a newsletter on
> forensics for mystery writers. I would often receive a call for an
> emergency subscription. This was in the days when we still had paper checks
> sent in the mail. (If you don’t remember those, I’m sure Wikipedia has an
> entry on them.)
> When I received such a call they usually ordered all back issues and so
> the check would often be more than $100. I always sent the newsletters on
> faith that a check would arrive a week later. And they always did except
> when I got a call from a writer in Hollywood. No check. The expectations in
> Hollywood are just different.
> A group in Florida put an ad in a major alternative lifestyle magazine.
> They received something like a thousand requests for information. No
> takers. The expectation of those kinds of publications is to provide
> information to thousands of people who aren’t prepared to actually do
> anything.
> The same happened with a traditional real estate marketing firm. They do
> what they do and never measure results.
> This may seem far way from the person who wants money with no commitments
> but they are in their world, and it sound like they may not even be a
> reputable developers. Note my signature line.
> Sharon
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> saying no to 1,000 things." Steve Jobs
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