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I'm a member of Fair Oaks EcoHousing, a forming community which has bought
its land and obtained planning approval. At this point we are looking for
additional members and we use as part of our outreach. It is
free to post an event, such as our twice monthly discussion/site tours, and
it is an e-venue that is very active and well-read by the users. For
example, my recent posting about an upcoming site tour reached 4300 people
in my surrounding neighborhoods.  In the long run, Nextdoor has been the
source of a couple of referrals, so I wouldn't call it a bulls eye in terms
of hitting a target market, but its one more thing to get the word out.

One caution is that Nextdoor has restrictions on self-promotional or
commercial messages and it is moderated. I always try to emphasize the
community and educational aspects, plus include our dot-org website, and we
have not been flagged so far.

Mary Claus
Future Resident
Fair Oaks EcoHousing

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