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I got on Nextdoor after one of my coho neighbors shared an interesting
conversational thread with me. In my neighborhood, at least, it is fairly
low-traffic and focuses on things like local safety issues and events,
referrals for plumbers, lost pets, that sort of thing. I don’t think you get
to define your own neighborhood, it seems to be geographic, so not sure how
you would use solely for your cohousing community. There is also a
prohibition on commercial activitiy (I got my hand slapped once for posting
about a new business grand opening) so you couldn’t really use it as a
marketing/sales tool.

I’m always a little leary of any group I’m part of relying too much on these
free online spaces - they are created by some other entity whose purpose may
be different than yours, they can change their algorithms or privacy
policies or plain go out of business at any time – and what info are they
collecting about you?


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