Types of conflict in cohousing -- did I miss any?
From: Mary Baker, Solid Communications (marysolid-communications.com)
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2016 13:14:58 -0800 (PST)
I'm very close to finishing the DIY Conflict Resolution Workbook! Shooting for 
publication next week! 

Meanwhile, I have a section at the end called Notes for Cohousing Communities 
in which I talk about problems specific to these types of communities. Here is 
a list of problems that can generate conflict, culled from my own experience 
and submitted by others. Can you think of any that I have not included?

* Conflict avoidance, instead of real conflict resolution

* Absence of normal consequences — the absence of consequences you find in 
"real world" scenarios like businesses, non-profits, social organizations. 

* Culture clashes — most often seen in team leadership, turf ownership, and 
participation. Often related to differing management styles. For instance, some 
people like everything to be quantified (work hours, etc) and others like 
things to be inspirational. Some of the problems mentioned are that team 
leaders set themselves up as Team Tsars and never relinquish control, some 
people harshly judge others for not participating socially, and so on. 
Sometimes people of different nationalities approach management and 
participation with very different expectations.

* Compelled behaviors and expectations 

* Lack of sensitive conflict management — some communities that do have 
conflict resolution processes only apply them to material disputes, and not to 
emotional hurt

* Non-transparent channels of communication — often caused by fear of 
technology and digital communication. Leads to proliferation of gossip, 
cliques, and manipulation.

* Old Guard elitism

* Over-reacting to minor skirmishes – trying to enforce new rules for everyone 
instead of negotiating a minor dispute 

If you have any comments or examples, please feel free to share! 

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Warm regards,
Mary Baker

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