Re: Types of conflict in cohousing -- did I miss any?
From: Laura Fitch (
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2016 05:53:30 -0800 (PST)
Did you include "the tragedy of the commons"  - not clear who should clean
up the messes and fix broken things.

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> I'm very close to finishing the DIY Conflict Resolution Workbook! Shooting
> for publication next week!
> Meanwhile, I have a section at the end called Notes for Cohousing
> Communities in which I talk about problems specific to these types of
> communities. Here is a list of problems that can generate conflict, culled
> from my own experience and submitted by others. Can you think of any that I
> have not included?
> * Conflict avoidance, instead of real conflict resolution
> * Absence of normal consequences — the absence of consequences you find in
> "real world" scenarios like businesses, non-profits, social organizations.
> * Culture clashes — most often seen in team leadership, turf ownership,
> and participation. Often related to differing management styles. For
> instance, some people like everything to be quantified (work hours, etc)
> and others like things to be inspirational. Some of the problems mentioned
> are that team leaders set themselves up as Team Tsars and never relinquish
> control, some people harshly judge others for not participating socially,
> and so on. Sometimes people of different nationalities approach management
> and participation with very different expectations.
> * Compelled behaviors and expectations
> * Lack of sensitive conflict management — some communities that do have
> conflict resolution processes only apply them to material disputes, and not
> to emotional hurt
> * Non-transparent channels of communication — often caused by fear of
> technology and digital communication. Leads to proliferation of gossip,
> cliques, and manipulation.
> * Old Guard elitism
> * Over-reacting to minor skirmishes – trying to enforce new rules for
> everyone instead of negotiating a minor dispute
> If you have any comments or examples, please feel free to share!
> Read more:
> Warm regards,
> Mary Baker
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