ACTION REQUESTED: #CohoOpenHouse2016 #AgingBetterTogether @Coho_US
From: mira Danyel brisk (
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 20:47:34 -0800 (PST)
Dear Coho_L,
If you are paying attention at all, and if you are reading this you are,
you are well aware we are having a 'National Cohousing Open House Day' on
April 30 as well as a Conference on Aging Better Together in May.    But,
are you aware of some of the ways we are beginning to spread the word about
these events and how you can EASILY join in?    I have 4 easy steps for you!

But first, the blog!  For example, a LOT of people have looked at the 'Are
you on The List' blog post from about a week ago.  Thank you!  You can use
these blogs to share with other community members or friends to nudge them
into getting involved if they aren't already.

We have had about 10 new communities sign up since that was posted. What
about yours? There is no deadline to sign up, but get on the train before
it goes too far!

Whatever your situation, you can certainly support the event - and Coho/US
by spreading the word about it!!!

Social media - whether you love it or hate it - it's useful in spreading
We are now very actively using FB and Twitter.  Are you connected in with
either of these?  If you aren't, you need to be.

If you have a personal and/or Community FB / Twitter account, please 'LIKE'
and FOLLOW Coho/US -  That's a start!!  Here are some other easy

1. Like and follow the feeds - and choose them as 'priority'.

2. Pass on the messages you resonate with - Share / RT (retweet) - to let
others know about the events and other amazing aspects of Cohousing and

3. Comment - start conversations and engage with posts!!!  - SERIOUSLY!
Just like on Coho_L - people LIKE conversations!  Engage and add your
experiences, pictures, etc. whether you agree or not.

4. Post your own messages, announcements, pictures!, videos, etc etc -
anything Cohousing... or what people in cohousing may be interested!

4B. AND - Key point -  connect / TAG it with our page or themes either by
putting it ON our FB page (it will show up on the side bar but I'll see it
and can share it in the main feed as well), and use one of these TAGS:

*#cohousing - for anything in general about cohousing   *
*#CohoOpenHouse2016  - open house day related*
*#AgingBetterTogether   - for the upcoming conference! *

and you can 'mention' us using *@Coho_US !  *

Also, you can use these 'short links' when posting about the following:

-* <>* -  for the Open House Day
event info page
-* <> *- for the list of
participating communities for the Open House Day
- * <>*
- for the conference event info page

There are just 4 easy steps you can take today to beginning doing your part
to spread the word locally and nationally about the important events coming
up in the Spring.

There is certainly more... but we will get into that later!  Thanks for
doing at least these steps.  Any suggestions, questions, comments, or
revisions to them?   Would love to hear!

*Mira Danyel Brisk*

*Cohousing Charlotte & Coho/US*

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