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Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 20:50:50 -0800 (PST)
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One revision so far:  if you want to use short links - here are the
correct ones to use.

-* <>* -  for the Open House Day
event info page
-* <>2016  *- for the list of
participating communities for the Open House Day
- * <>* - for
the conference event info page

On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 11:47 PM, mira Danyel brisk <mirabepeace [at]>

> Dear Coho_L,
> If you are paying attention at all, and if you are reading this you are,
> you are well aware we are having a 'National Cohousing Open House Day' on
> April 30 as well as a Conference on Aging Better Together in May.    But,
> are you aware of some of the ways we are beginning to spread the word about
> these events and how you can EASILY join in?    I have 4 easy steps for you!
> But first, the blog!  For example, a LOT of people have looked at the 'Are
> you on The List' blog post from about a week ago.  Thank you!  You can use
> these blogs to share with other community members or friends to nudge them
> into getting involved if they aren't already.
> We have had about 10 new communities sign up since that was posted. What
> about yours? There is no deadline to sign up, but get on the train before
> it goes too far!
> Whatever your situation, you can certainly support the event - and Coho/US
> by spreading the word about it!!!
> Social media - whether you love it or hate it - it's useful in spreading
> info!
> We are now very actively using FB and Twitter.  Are you connected in with
> either of these?  If you aren't, you need to be.
> If you have a personal and/or Community FB / Twitter account, please
> 'LIKE' and FOLLOW Coho/US -  That's a start!!  Here are some other easy
> suggestions.
> 1. Like and follow the feeds - and choose them as 'priority'.
> 2. Pass on the messages you resonate with - Share / RT (retweet) - to let
> others know about the events and other amazing aspects of Cohousing and
> cohousers!
> 3. Comment - start conversations and engage with posts!!!  - SERIOUSLY!
> Just like on Coho_L - people LIKE conversations!  Engage and add your
> experiences, pictures, etc. whether you agree or not.
> 4. Post your own messages, announcements, pictures!, videos, etc etc -
> anything Cohousing... or what people in cohousing may be interested!
> 4B. AND - Key point -  connect / TAG it with our page or themes either by
> putting it ON our FB page (it will show up on the side bar but I'll see it
> and can share it in the main feed as well), and use one of these TAGS:
> *#cohousing - for anything in general about cohousing   *
> *#CohoOpenHouse2016  - open house day related*
> *#AgingBetterTogether   - for the upcoming conference! *
> and you can 'mention' us using *@Coho_US !  *
> Also, you can use these 'short links' when posting about the following:
> -* <>* -  for the Open House Day
> event info page
> -* <> *- for the list of
> participating communities for the Open House Day
> - * <>*
> - for the conference event info page
> There are just 4 easy steps you can take today to beginning doing your
> part to spread the word locally and nationally about the important events
> coming up in the Spring.
> There is certainly more... but we will get into that later!  Thanks for
> doing at least these steps.  Any suggestions, questions, comments, or
> revisions to them?   Would love to hear!
> Peace,
> *Mira Danyel Brisk*
> *704-293-0412 <704-293-0412>*
> *Cohousing Charlotte & Coho/US*


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