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I agree with Kathryn that taking on creating (let alone building) a
cohousing community and a Greenhouse Project at the same time would be
insane!  But planning to site one at your community is an interesting
idea.  Note: In Durham I had dinner with the Shepherd Village folks and you
Kathryn and some others from New Mexico I believe.

The Greenhouse Project has an amazing staff who yes for a fee can consult
with a project both to learn and to plan and even eventually train.  Go to
their website.  There also are (I hope not were) loan funds managed thru
Capital Impact Partner that came from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and
others.  This is managed thru the Greenhouse Project staff who originally
were underwritten by RWJF too.  This is with whom I have worked with on the
Keene, NH project.

However I'd still encourage we cohousers to welcome them to attend the
upcoming conference as they are so rich in lessons learned about creating
self led communities for elders that are of value.  Most of all we all have
the same mission of quality living as part of quality life for elders.

Mary Vallier-Kaplan
Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm

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