Re: Launching June 15:
From: Corey (
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2016 13:42:16 -0700 (PDT)
The and directories are exactly the same - they use
the same database. Carles' ( uses his own, obtained from
his personal knowledge/network of existing (Spanish) projects. It also
holds users and companies, which is one up from He and I are both
asking to open their database so that there's only one source of map
data. Still pending replies from them.

Regarding a single place to gather online, that's a chicken & egg problem,
one that every community struggles with in the beginning. I very much see
cohousing communities in the infant phase in terms of
networking/communication and I hope to provide a solution but as you
mention Fred, it's about the personal approach. Not everyone uses social
software, although just about everyone is online with smartphones, so
there's hope.

As always, I'm open to suggestions and collaboration so anyone out there
please feel free to contact me directly and I'd love to chat :)


On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 6:10 AM, Fred H Olson <fholson [at]> 

> A whois lookup on the domain found (excerpt) :
> Registrant/Admin Name: Carles Garcia
> Tech Name: Javier Bernal Cabezas
> both of Barcelona, ES   (Spain)
> Mary Baker wrote:
> >A little more information from their Facebook page (thanks to Raines
> Cohen):
> >
> >"CohousingMap is a non-commercial project . I am a software developer
> >interested in Cohousing of Spain . CohousingMap social network will be
> >available in Spanish and English. I am convinced that the main challenge
> of
> >Cohousing is the difficulty of contacting people to form communities ,
> which is
> >very difficult without a common meeting place .
> >In CohousingMap there are spaces for users, communities (in creation or
> >operation) and collaborators. We will campaign to promote them at the
> time of
> >launch.
> >Any help is welcome."
> Actually the problem is not, IMHO, (in the US) that there is no
> "common meeting place" but that there is not *ONE* well known meeting
> place where all people with shared (whether they know it or not)
> cohousing interests (location primarily) can meet that is used by
> enough of the right people to form communities.
> Indeed in the US there are a variety of "places" with a variety of
> features :
>'s reachbook (I could not find it today, is it still around? )
> redirects to
> Coho/US
>   and in particular
> Cohousing-L Mailing List  ( here)
> Mary's forum:
> Additional "places" may just further divide us so we do not interact
> effectively as much.  On the other hand a cohousing social media might
> catch on and get lots of users and facilitate interaction -
> particularly since is intends to serve "individuals interested in
> Cohousing projects anywhere in the world" (in English and Spanish).
> Maybe in Spain primarily. We'll see how many users
> gets.
> But it seems to me that the big challenge is to reach people who would
> be interested in cohousing if they knew enough about it.  These folks seem
> unlikely to seek out online venues.  They require a more local and personal
> approach.  Of course more "mass media" publicity to raise general
> awareness is helpful.
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