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From: CohousingMap (infocohousingmap.net)
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2016 23:53:29 -0700 (PDT)
Hello everyone.


I want to use this forum to speak a little CohousingMap.


This is a non-commercial initiative that emerged in Spain with the sole
intention of facilitating the creation of communities.


There are several maps of communities around the world, but it was needed a
map of users and tools to allow contact between users, communities and


I already have an age and I know that these projects raised suspicions among
some companies that make a living with this.


My experience in Spain is that few companies and organizations that promote
cohousing have their own databases and do not share. For users this means
knocking on many doors so often the answer is "you will be notified when
other users sign up in your area".


The aim of CohousingMap is make visible the actual group of users interested
in cohousing, without intermediaries, offering a place to register and tools
to contact.


This site would be meaningless without a space for communities and for
businesses. So CohousingMap consists of a user map, a map of communities and
a business directory, with tools of communication between them.


I think the main difficulty of cohousing projects is to find a cohesive
group to start the project people.


I doubt that architects, developers and other companies can do that for us.


I think anyone interested in Cohousing should use all mechanisms available
(forums, websites, email lists, social networking, apps) to contact people
with the same interests. For the same reason construction communities should
work to publicize your project.


I am surprised why some people fears.The communities do not fall from heaven
... gestate in commonplace .... And cooperation is demonstrated cooperating
... Do not you think so?


In short, if we want to live in community before we should socialize a
little ...


I invite you to meet CohousingMap and to comment on it from the knowledge of
the tool.




Carles Garcia

info [at] cohousingmap.net <mailto:info [at] cohousingmap.net>  

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