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Interesting about “the vine” at PCBC….will be interesting to hear what you 

But really want to support you on your blog about getting paid. Maybe if one is 
a techie for income, or you do most of your work for big corporations that paid 
very well, you can afford to discount for special groups.  But those of us that 
have spent our entire careers in this realm of community and non-profits don’t 
have that luxury.  All of my clients are cohousing groups, and they are all 
cash poor and thinking they are poorer than everyone else. The reason I am so 
good at doing what I do is that I have spent decades working you groups and 
projects just like yours.  I’ve definitely hit the point where if its not worth 
it to you to paid my standard fees, then its not worth for me to do the work.  
Ultimately, if we are going to change the world, there has to be a sustainable 
business models to support people doing this work. 

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I'm kinda coming in to this convo late.Two things on my mind that may be
relevant or interesting.

Thing One: There has been recent mention of other associations/organizations
that have a bit of overlap with us in terms of development, condominium
management, etc. Tomorrow I will be attending a one day event called The
Vine, affiliated with the Pacific Coast Builders Conference put on by the
California Building Industry Association. (Yes, I will report back what I
learn!) How I came to this: as a facilitator I have a lot of colleagues in
the meeting and association industries, and a good buddy of mine is the
organizer/promoter/mastermind of this event. A year or two ago he invited me
to give an Ignite presentation about cohousing at one of their events in
Sacramento, which was very well received. Tomorrow I'll just be spectating.
Info for anyone interested:

(Are any of the developer/architect types here involved with CBIA or its
equivalent in other states?)

Thing Two: There were also a few threads regarding the whole volunteer vs.
paid that has been particularly up for me lately. Rather than
rant & rave here I'll link to a recent blog post: 

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