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And I'll add my admiration for Joani!  When Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm
in NH was struggling as we all do to set up our common meals, Joani was so
generously supportive sharing her knowledge, her tools and most of all her
positive attitude because we were trying to do the right thing.  This was
at a Boston based meeting.  I hadn't seen her in action again until
recently at Salt Lake and again she was there with her insight on aging in
community with her proactive, reflective and exciting thinking, reflection
and ideas about how cohousing can do aging better than most.  Her humor
always prevails as does her contagious positive attitude  And I was shocked
to find out how many years old she is!!!!  She is certainly a role model
for me and inspires me to keep working on making cohousing work!

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate your wonderful life and all that you give
us in presence and in spirit.

Many thanks for you,
Mary Vallier-Kaplan
Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm

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