Re: Middle townhouse units and per-unit solar power
From: Mabel Liang (
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2016 08:18:05 -0700 (PDT)
In our community (legally a collection of condominium units) the roofs
and exterior belong to the association, not the unit owners. I wouldn't
have thought that a townhouse owner could refuse having a meter attached
to the outside of their house.  

I apologize if I have missed a discussion about "per-unit" solar power. 
All of the solar panels that we have installed belong to the community,
and the energy we produce goes first to pay the common electricity bill.
 Somehow any credits over that get distributed among the household

-- Mabel :-)

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On 2016-07-18 11:02, Bob Morrison via Cohousing-L wrote:

> I would like to talk about a pitfall with having per-unit solar power if you 
> have a middle townhouse unit. Solar power requires mounting one or (usually) 
> two boxes on the outside of the unit and a cable run from these boxes to the 
> utility meter. In some cases mounting the boxes on the front of the unit 
> isn't feasible and if the boxes are mounted on the back of the unit, the 
> cable run from there to the utility meter might not be feasible. 
> I urge all forming groups that plan to have triplex townhouse units to design 
> their residential buildings to accommodate this. That is, to have a solar 
> power company go over the design and make sure the design accommodates wiring 
> for per-unit solar panels on the middle unit. Don't assume that the owner of 
> the end unit that has the utility meters will allow a solar power company to 
> attach to their unit the utility boxes for the middle unit's solar power. 
> They might not. 
> There is more to designing a coho to accommodate future solar power than 
> having south-facing roofs and ensuring that the future solar panels aren't 
> shaded by trees. 
> Bob Morrison
> Mosaic Commons Cohousing
> Berlin, MA
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